Fine Sculpture in Naples

I have always been an observer, appreciating works of art, taking art history classes in college, visiting museums, studying art, but never creating. That all changed when I started to sculpt at The von Liebig Art Center with my mentor and artist/sculptor Phil Calabro. It has changed my life. I am no longer just an observer, but a participant in the creative process!

I sculpt only in clay. It is so forgiving and demanding at the same time. A stroke of a tool can change the entire look of a piece. That gives the sculpture infinite options. But, clay also demands that the artist knows when a piece is complete.

The most amazing experience for me in sculpting is that there always needs to be a “discovery moment.” A “discovery moment” is when I begin to work I know what I want to create, like a horse. I will begin to work on the horse and all of a sudden I sculpt the eye or the mouth or tilt the head and in an instant the finished piece will flash in my head. I know the personality of the piece. This “discovery moment” is part of the process and it must happen or the piece will not have passion and I will not know when it is complete.